Military Ceremony

Below is a brief outline of the honors we perform and what to expect. Some do's and don'ts for proper etiquette.


If the casket is arriving to the chapel, mausoleum or graveside, the unit will be positioned in such a way as to render a salute as the flag draped casket gets set into place for the service.
Sometimes the memorial service happens prior to the military funeral honors, in this case the member will post to their positions and a salute by the folder and presenter will commence.


Once all respects have been presented to our nations flag, the ceremony will begin.  This speach is given by one of the members of the unit and pays tribute to the service of our fallen comrade.  
The presenter will then ask the viewers, of the ceremony, to prepare themselves for the firing of the rifles.  He will then instruct a commander to render our final salute to our fallen comrade.

Rifle Volley

The rifle commander will post and call his rifle detail to attention.   The commander will issue commands to render the 3 Volley Salute.  After this is completed the commander will have the rifle detail present arms (salute)


The playing of Taps will then begin and all members of the unit will hold a salute during this time.  Once taps has been completed the commander will call the unit to order arms.

Folding of the Flag

Two members of the unit will remove the flag from the casket or unfold the flag set in front of the ern.  They will then precisely fold the flag with 13 folds and when completed it will represent the hats worn by Gen. George Washington and his men.
Once the flag has been properly folded, it will be inserted into a vinyl and plastic holder.  Then the speaker will place 3 rounds into the case and speak to the viewers what these rounds represent.

Presenting the Flag

After the flag has been folded and incased, the members of the unit will pass the flag from one member to presenter.  Each time the flag is passed a slow salute will be rendered before and after.  
The presenter of the flag will sharply turn and then formally present the flag to the next of kin with an expression of gratitude for the sacrafice they have made.  A final salute will come from the presenter.
The speaker will then step forth and present the next of kin with papers that highlighted his speech.  He will offer words of comfort and gratitude and then salute one last time.


Depending on the scenario, the unit may stay in place and wait for the next of kin to pass by with the folded flag to offer one final salute.


Here are some do's and don'ts to follow proper etiquette.

  • Please turn off your cell phones or at the minimum put them on silent.
  • If you are a veteran, please feel free to stand and salute during the playing of taps.  Non military individuals may stand and place their right hand over their heart during this time.
  • Photos and videos are welcomed as long as you have permission  from the family of the veteran.
  • Some families like to have the spent casings from the 3 volley salute.  Please ask us before or after we have been dismissed.  You may also ask the funeral director prior to our presentation and he will collect them from us.
  • Please understand that if we depart quickly, it is due to the fact we have another service to perform.