About Us

The Beaver County Special Unit considers it a privilege to perform military honors for our lost veterans.  Every member has served our country honorably, proudly and continues to serve in this capacity.  We do not wear rank because we are all equal brother in arms from every branch of service.  We have both active an inactive members.  Our inactive members are veterans that have gotten older and would love to continue to serve but due to medical reasons they are unable.  

Beaver Valley Special Unit Members

Active Members

arl T. Hughes 

US Navy 1972-1977; US Navy Reserve 1978 – 1981; US Air Force Reserve 1983-2002:  SE Asia, Pacific, Meditterranean, Kuwait, UAE

Bill Krawchyk 

US Army 1955 – 1959, South Carolina, Georgia, Yokohama Japan

Michael A. Mikulich 

US Navy 1965 – 1971; Great Lakes IL, Little Creek VA, Key West Fl, Danang and Quang Tri, Vietnam, Guam, Japan, Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico

Raymond Dougherty

US Army 1964 – 1970; US Air Force 1973 – 2001, 171st ARW, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE, Budapest (Kosovo Crisis)

Robert E. Kelly   

US Navy 1971 – 1975; Great Lakes IL, San Diego and Stockton CA

Gerald W. States 

US Marine Corps  1958 – 1966; Washington D.C., 8th

Vincent Binkoski

US Army 1966-1970, 14th Transportation Bn, 1st Cavalry Div:  Vietnam

George Patrick  

US Army 1955 – 1961, 82nd Airborne, Germany and Korea

Vito Farelli

US Army 1987 – 1992, HHC 10th MASH Ft Carson CO, 4th ID, 44 Med Brig, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Southwest Asia Cease-Fire Campaign

Albert Borro

US Air Force 1971 – 1992, 416th BW – Griffiss NY:  Guam  307th BW – Utapao  Thailand : 436th / 512th MAW – Dover DE : Vietnam Campaign : Desert Shield / Storm

Stephen Wengryn

US Army 1974-1980, 1st Cav Div Fort Hood, 3rd Armor Div Germany, 28th Infantry Div PA National Guard

Harper Simpson

US Army 1966-1968, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam

InActive Members

Andrew J. Zabrucky

US Army 1957 – 1963; Ft Knox KY, Company F. Second Battalion, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Ft Meade MD