Beaver County Special Unit
Established in 1975, BCSU provides full military funeral services for all qualified veterans.
BCSU members are all veterans who volunteer their time to help provide these services to honor the men and women who served our country.
Duty, Honor, Country
The military is filled with traditions. Learn how the honoring of our veterans came to be.
BCSU will perform their salute to their lost comrade, in churches, funeral homes, family homes, mausoleums and graveside.

Welcome to Beaver County Special Unit

The purpose of the Beaver County Special Unit shall be to provide military funeral service to our deceased veterans and to provide comfort and solace to their family members, relatives and friends

Funeral Services will generally be provided within the confines of Beaver County.  Such services may be provided in adjoining counties only on special request and after approval by the Commander of the Special Unit

Funeral Services will always take priority over all other such requests for services.

This organization may also participate in other military ceremonials, such as, parades, flag raisings, rifle salutes or other such functions throughout Beaver County as requested and then only on the availability of the members of the Special Unit.

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